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Revised Welcome Post/Grand Re-Opening

Welcome one and all to the grand re-opening of trinity_jmusic (which originally opened for business on February 20, 2007 as a j-music rotation site) , now called iTrinity! I decided to expand this community to cover not just music from Japan, but music from all over the world, as a way of sharing my vast collection with other people. I couldn't afford a rename token, so the community will retain its former name, but the purpose is brand new!

And yes, I deleted all former posts in an effort to clean things up and get ready for the grand re-opening.

Anyway, like most communities, we have a few rules:

1) You must join to get to the music. This is to prevent any leechers from taking the music that other people have been gracious enough to share with me

2) comment when you take something. It takes me forever to upload stuff

3) When I can, and this usually applies to music from Korea, China and Japan, I will post translated tracklistngs to albums, singles and songs. Most of my stuff, because my iBook can read Asian languages, is in the original format I downloaded it in.

4) Legally speaking, it is recommended that you keep downloads for 48 hours before deletion. Please try to support the artists if you like their stuff (I know its hard, especially with artists from outside your country because of import costs, but try to do it anyway). Any legal action that happens to you after the 48 hours are up is not my fault and I am not going to claim responsibility. (I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just saying).

5) Bitrates are available upon request, but it's a safe bet that you'll find anything from 128 kbps to 320 and above.

6) I will open requests periodically, but things won't be as they were before if you've been a member since I opened this place back in February.

7) I am a Mac user and I use iTunes, so you will find the occasional iTunes file (.m4a) in here. If you do not use iTunes, please let me know and I will convert it.

8) I am a co-mod of forloveofamusic, an English Language music rotation community. Stuff from there that I've uploaded will occasionally be posted here (so I apologize in advance for spamming f-lists).

9) I use Megaupload, Mediafire and Sendspace (but that's rare). If you have a problem with these three sites, let me know.

That's all! Have fun!

And if you're brand new, welcome! Stay a while!