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iTrinity: Better Living Through Mp3s

A Global Music Rotation Community

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Welcome to iTrinity. Wanna slip into our groove?
Welcome to iTrinity, a global music wonderland full of audio pleasures for your delight.
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Hello and welcome to iTrinity! (also known as iTrinity_Music). This is a former j-music rotation site, turned general music rotation site. It features music from all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Korea, and even Australia.

I am your lovely hostess and mod, Trinity D'Canto. In addition to this comm, which is my baby,I also help maintain forloveofamusic, its sister community forloveofjmusic, and am the Friday mod of headphoneclash.

My (retired) co mod is the lovely Tanya sakurakessho, who runs music_and_more, one of the most famous J-pop comms on LJ. Tanya has since stepped down from being a mod here, but she's always going to be around in spirit and influence.

My second in command, Mod, Haruka is the mod with whom I run forloveofamusic and its sister community forloveofjmusic. She's here to help out when she can.

We also have one more poster, suthrnbellechan, who posts mostly Chinese language music. She's also an honorary mod.

This community is members only (to prevent leechers) and the only rule you have to follow is this one: PLEASE! COMMENT. Okay, wait, we have more:


1. Comment when you download something (this should be self explainitory, but... this is how you show Belle, Haruka and I you love us for all the work that goes into this place)

2. This community is members only to prevent even more mass leeching than what already goes on

3. DON'T STEAL THE LINKS (seriously, that's just fucking rude).

4. Don't come here and start drama (ie, be polite and respectful to your mods and your fellow members)

5. Reuploads are available upon request. Just comment on the entry and ask (or use our handy-dandy tagboard in the sidebar of the comm page).

6. The law says to delete samples within 24-48 hours after downloading. What happens to you after that is not my responisbility.

The Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, and Namie Amuro mood themes were made by thestrangedolls


The Animated Ayumi Hamasaki mood theme was made by omg_its_gackt


The second Ayumi Hamasaki mood theme is made by omg_its_gackt


The animated Koda Kumi mood theme was made by omg_its_gackt


The animated Miyavi mood theme was made by omg_its_gackt

Koda Kumi Kingdom layout made by midnightsdesign

Ayumi Hamasaki Mirrocle world and color crazy layout, the Namie Amuro "Girl's Fiction layout and the Koda Kumi "Picture perfect" layout made by komorebii

Our new layout, called "Maybelline" comes courtesy of thefulcrum


blessingoflove: a pop music rotation community run by missymw88 & mei_yanohi; features music from around the world.

int_dateline: another global music rotation community, featuring music from a wide range of countries and styles, run by neo_valkyrie

headphoneclash: an international music rotation place, where mods and guest mods and posters each have an assigned day of the week (I, (Trinity), am the Friday mod there). It's run by metafictionally.

destinyrhythms: Another music rotation run by missymw88, specializing in pop, Urban , R&B and more.

ongoingmelody: a music rotation community run by the lovely supervictoria64 and satokasusuki One of the largest on LJ, it's known for having a taste of everything.

littlecho: a small rotation that was just born recently. It has promising prospects.